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Calico Google Company

Recently, there has been a lot of hype about anti-aging. Well, the latest kid on the block as far as that is concerned is Calico. Calico is actually an acronym that stands for California Life Company. It is a company backed by Google (that is the reason for the name Calico Google) that majors in life sciences. It has a new specific assignment, to rid the world of death. In the process of doing that, it will be dealing with the problem of aging.

Calico’s Contributions

401038-how-google-s-calico-can-win-us-over-one-genome-at-a-timeCalico Google has made some significant contributions so far in helping people overcome the effects of aging.

One of those contributions is a pledge to build a facility that will be a research center dealing with the disease that affect the elderly, including cancer. A lot of money is to be pumped into this research facility, and that is only in the initial stages. As it bears fruit, other multi-million companies will want to have a hand in the far-fetched yet seemingly possible ambition of doing away with death. That is just one of the contributions.As we get older, our cells become older.

Exercise, proper diet, stress control, and supplements help alleviate the effects that accompany old age. However, Calico seem to have another solution rather than going through all that hassle. According to Calico Google, the technologies they are harnessing will effectively deal with the problems associated with aging once and for all. Rumor has it that google is planning on developing high tech equipment for the facilities set up by Calico. Ineffective Aging solutionsYou must agree with me that anti aging creams and all those pills people take to combat the effects of aging might not actually work effectively. Some of the times, they may actually backfire http://sens.org/outreach/outreach-blog/release-internet-entrepreneur-jason-hope-pledges-half-million-dollars-sens on the people using them. Others may even make you look older than before you used them. Others open doors for deeper problems like cancer.Partnership with AbbVie a few weeks ago, Calico Google signed a deal with AbbVie, a pharmaceutical company based in Chicago. The deal was worth a whopping 1.2 Billion Dollars.

Now, in the past millennium the life-expectancy was only 40 years old. That was due to diseases, poor technology and lack of medicine to deal with the diseases. Now that the technology has exponentially developed, the life-expectancy is around 70. Imagine how much higher that will rise with the investment poured into the research Calico Google is undertaking. We are talking three digits in 20 years.

Cancer Treatment

In addition to all that, cancer treatment for people of all ages will get a significant boost if the plans set forth by Calico Google are something to go by. With such a huge investment in their research, and backing by more than one fortune 500 company, sky is the limit.Goodbye to death Going by the predictions by critics, in 50 years, death might actually be a thing of the past. Can you imagine living until the day you decide to die? How amazing is that? Could we be headed to a point where we will live endless lives? And could that time be coming sooner rather than later? Well we have to sit tight and wait.

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